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Exchange meeting | Je parle à mon banquier

In a Framework to improve the bank-company relationship, a meeting between GECAM SMEs and Société Générale will take place on Tuesday, July 09, 2024 at 10am at the GECAM headquarters, with the objective of supporting and facilitating SME access to financing. Discussions will be centered around the problems of high levels of equity required to obtain credit, and the high cost of studying credit applications.

In addition, alternative financing solutions (leasing and factoring) and international trade, as well as information on non-financial support and financing lines available from the bank, will be presented.
The meeting will also present financing opportunities and other products available from Société Générale, as well as the conditions for accessing them.

For further information, please contact
– Ms Bika Linda; Telephone: 697 17 44 25; E-mail:

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